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I walked away from doing a mile swim realising the one who comes last attached to an oxygen tank actually gets ALOT more media coverage than the top athlete that comes first.


It is expected of top athletes to win, it’s what they train to do every day.  Me, well just getting down to the water and taking part while being attached to my oxygen tank, that’s a whole new ball game. I am out of breathe before I even start.  No healthy athlete out there has to dig as deep as I have to, mentally or physically to get to the finishing line.

I will bring something new and exciting to the marketing world.  In today’s competitive world I am “That something different”.

Having sponsors will give me the ability to positively change so many chronically ill people’s lives.  This is so important!  There are so many desperately ill people who need to be inspired to do more with their lives.


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By Arthur Ashe, 

The Legendary Wimbledon Player was dying of AIDS  which he got due to infected blood he received during a Heart Surgery in 1983 !

He received letters from his fans, one of which conveyed:

“Why did God have to select you for such a bad disease?” 

To this Arthur Ashe replied: 

50 Million children started playing Tennis, 

5 Million learnt to play Tennis, 

500 000 learnt Professional Tennis, 

50 Thousand came to Circuit, 

5 Thousand reached Grand Slam, 

50 reached Wimbledon, 

4 reached the Semifinals, 

2 reached the Finals and 

when I was holding the cup in my hand, I never asked God 

“Why Me?” 

So now that I’m in pain how can I ask God 

“Why Me?

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